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Peace News log archive: June 2014

Articles from the Peace News log.
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A Leeds co-operator explores the pleasures and perils of Community Organising ...

ImageMy tummy tightens as I stand up for my turn.  'Why I am here'.  120 faces turn to me.  I take the microphone.  Shit.

I remembered to print all the agendas, the register sheets, I knew who should be there, I'd sorted out the IT/AV and music, I made sure the tea and coffee was happening and 90-odd chairs and tables were set up as planned.  I'd just forgotten to prepare this one little bit, this moment of inspiration and explanation, each advisory group member saying something significant, profound, that speaks to their constituency, that resonates with everyone in the room.  No pressure, then.

I'm still buzzing from the previous 20 minutes, as more and more people arrived.  'Hi, you must be Andy, nice to finally meet you... Ah, Lindsey, Lindsey from Beeston?  Good, I heard you were coming... Hi again Kane, Anna, Dolf, Inderjit, Mark, Eamonn, Norah, so glad you've come, great to see you...' Names and faces we've been working to get into this room for months.  More chairs – pupils from the host school sent for ever more chairs, we're squeezing them in round the edges, still more arriving.  As we settle down, I scan the room, trying to memorise new faces – faces attached to names I've heard for months and to ones who've come in over the last fortnight of frenzied activity, meetings, phone calls, reminder emails and texts, messages from diocesan secretaries and school PAs.

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