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Peace News log archive: July 2013

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Third installment of the PN blog series about grassroots activism in China.

On the 25th June more than 35 civilians and members of the police force died in a small town called Lukqun, Xinijang province, China.

It is difficult to get a clear picture of what has just happened in Lukqun: the official Chinese version talks of a terrorist attack by an Uyghur group of dissidents aimed at a local police station which resulted in 24 policeman and civilian deaths; two days after the massacre the official version acknowledged an higher number of deaths among civilians, divulging the news of 35 total deaths resulting from the attack. Other sources, including some related to Uyghur’s diaspora movements, reported as many as 42 deaths among the local population and describe how the city had been flooded with police force in the days prior to the 25th leaving the impression that this incident had been planned in advance by the central government.

What is know for sure is that this is not an isolated episode of violence as in falls among a long-lasting history of repression suffered by the Uyghur population perpetrated by the Chinese central government.

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