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A letter to the Prime Minister

With the publication of the Chilcot report, watch the trailer for "A Letter to the Prime Minister", made during the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, and sign up on the website to see the entire feature length film.

A Letter to the Prime Minister, Jo Wilding's Diary from Iraq - trailer from Julia Guest on Vimeo.

Jo Wilding’s Eye Witness account of the war and occupation of Iraq between 2002- 2004.

The film focuses on the effect of sanctions and war on civilians and where this breached Geneva conventions.

It is an eye witness account of the build up to war in Iraq, including the legal challenge of sanctions in the UK, the non violent resistance to the war.  Jo brings the Circus to Iraq, to help traumatized children and become's a witness to the seige of Falluja in April 2004 by the US Military.

Topics: Iraq | Chilcot