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Human rights

Free Ayse Çelik

Vigil held for jailed art teacher


International campaign halts South Korean arms exports

After a four-month campaign, the international Stop the Shipment campaign succeeded in stopping a shipment of over a million canisters of tear gas to Bahrain on 8 January.


Remembering Haitian Independence

On January 1, 1804 Haiti became an independent nation free from colonial slavery but this important history is often missing from the prevalent narrative that blames Haiti for its current plight.


Guantanamo fasters force-fed

Hunger strikes continue in Guantanamo and California


Guantánamo hunger strike continues

As PN went to press, US military authorities were stepping up their attempts to break the hunger strike of detainees at the Guantánamo Bay detention centre in Cuba.


Guantánamo hunger strikers force-fed

On 17 May, the mass hunger strike at the Guantánamo Bay detention centre reached its 100th day.

Defend the defenders

In April, Britain’s Law Society intervened in the case of Mandira Sharma, a Nepalese human rights lawyer facing persecution as an ‘anti-Maoist dollar mongerer’.

More torture

There are credible reports of 81 Afghans ‘disappearing’ from police custody in Kandahar over the last year, according to a report by the UN assistance mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in January.

Torture complicity

On 11 January, a member of Maya Evans’ legal team revealed in the Guardian that they had been able to discover secret evidence that was not revealed to her, under the ‘closed material procedures’ u

Wrongful Arrest IPCC Complaint Upheld

Following a brutal arrest and an IPCC complaint being upheld, Mani Hamid is seeking a movement to support victims of miscarriages of justice.