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Mirror me

On 13 September, military whistle-blower Chelsea Manning finally won the right to be given gender reassignment therapy, five days after she started a hunger strike.

Can’t buy me love

Good news.

Nagasaki actions at US base

Waterborne protest marks bomb anniversary


Free Ayse Çelik

Vigil held for jailed art teacher


How to stop a nuclear convoy

77-year old retired teacher blocks warheads


Black Lives Matter action

Black-led action sparks debates


Warhead convoys put millions at risk

What are the risks posed by the UK's nuclear bomb convoys?


How missile ‘defence’ destabilises the world

Cath Bann looks at the background to the upcoming demos at Fylingdales and Croughton


I want to break free

On 11 September, Israel’s high court rejected petitions by human rights groups and the Israeli medical association (IMA) to quash a law the Israeli parliament passed last year permitting force-feed

Jailhouse rock

On 25 August, 18-year-old Israeli conscientious objector Omri Baranes was finally accepted as a pacifist by an Israeli defence forces (IDF) committee and released from detention on conscientious gr