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"Peace News has compiled an exemplary record... its tasks have never been more critically important than they are today." Noam Chomsky

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With My Hammer

I will stand and I will defend my right to fight against violence


It feels like we can win

Action against arms fairs in South Korea and New Zealand


The Paris climate change talks are doomed to fail before they’ve begun

Why the UN climate summit can't succeed


Making meetings better – with eConvenor

How two activists learned to code from scratch in order to build an online tool to support activist groups


Coming back – a liberation voice

Amanda Sebestyen looks back on the Women's Liberation Movement, and forward to the newly-launched Feminist Forum


‘I’ve found a way in!’

An excerpt from Andrea Needham’s amazing new book, The Hammer Blow – how 10 women disarmed a warplane, to be published by Peace News in January


Class matters

Behind the scenes of two outstanding books about classism – the second part of our interview with Betsy Leondar-Wright


The story of Cao Shunli

Cao Shunli (1961 – 2014) was a militant petitioner who died in police custody in March 2014. Petitioners in China, mostly women, bear the brunt of the country’s authoritarian capitalism.

Time to take direct action for climate justice

PN offers training for Paris climate actions


Jeremy Corbyn and the peace movement

Peace activists should mobilise in support of Corbyn, argues Ian Sinclair