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How can we Prevent government extremism?

The second part of our interview with Liz Fekete, director of the Institute of Race Relations


Golden toad goes a-banking

Creative environmental action from the US


Was it the best-ever Peace News Summer Camp?

PN's editor reflects on 5 days of reflection, re-connection and re-charging


Brexit: reasons to be cheerful

Let’s use this upsurge of energy to root out racism and classism


Circles of light

The vigil at Philadelphia City Hall in solidarity with Orlando


Challenging sexual violence in activist groups and communities

Activists need to examine the unspoken assumptions and power relations already at work in our movements, argues Julia Downes


Not the best day I have ever had

A passionate Remain supporter writes to his friends about the EU referendum


What is a ‘Living Room Conversation’?

A how-to guide by the Rural Organsing Project


How to hold ‘living room conversations’ about immigration

Effective anti-racist organising in white rural and working-class communities in the US


Some ways to change attitudes towards ‘damned foreigners’

Resources for campaigners struggling for peace and justice in post-Brexit Britain